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MDE: Road to Leadership

4 minute read

Introduction As I look back to a decade ago, mainly I have been working as an individual contributor. I have been evaluated by all things that I have done by myself. It is natural when you enter in the real IT world, and also very popular to keep ...

Happy New Year 2021: Goals

1 minute read

First of all, Happy new Year 2021. “Finally, 2020 is over” this is a statement that I have heard a lot lately, I don’t ignore the COVID situation and there are a lot people suffering a lot, but personally this 2020 year was very great for me. My f...

New Era -> Starting in English

1 minute read

After a long break, I have decided to resume this blog, and additionally in English. You may be wondering why, but the main reason is very clear, force me to write in english. I think it is an aspect that I still have a lot of room to improve so I...